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3d Animations

I started at this company when it was known as Cynthia Kay and Wayne Glatz Video Production. I introduce computer graphics and animation into their abilities as a video production company. There I worked with an number of Fortune 500 companies on Marketing and Business Communication video. One of the most interesting projects I ever worked on happened while at this company. I created a presentation in Macromedia Director using 3d Animation to describe the engineering physics of a sorting system they had designed. This was used in a Federal Lawsuit against a company that had copied their patented sorting system. A $300 million dollar lawsuit in Washington DC. I was put up in a hotel there while the case was in court. I worked just about 18 hours a day building presentations for them to present in court to “educate” the judge on how the other company violated their patent. I don’t have any of those materials on here, but I have some images that of 3d Animations that I have done of other systems.

Tilt Tray Sorter
Fanuc Robotics/Seimens roller conveyor system
Fanuc Robotics/Seimens roller conveyor system
Animation Conveyor system demonstrating the sensors area to located product on the system

Other Interesting 3d Projects include doing animations for Amway’s Artistry Cosmetics(these images were all created using 3d software).

artistry-face artistry-hand artistry-bottle

I did fly overs and prototyping animations for a furniture company.


I also did graphics and web design.

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