Career Summary and Goals

Career Summary

Since the days when I was in high school I found I had a knack for picking up technical skills. I started working with computers at the school back in the days of punch cards and was one of the few students who had access to the school districts mainframe computer. Yes, I have been working with computers since the days of punch cards. So when I started college it was only second nature to become involved with the Television Production studies at Delta College. Within a month of starting the program I actually began working at the television station at the college.

I then took those skills and began working at WXMI in Grand Rapids, MI. I started there working in Master Control. Which is putting the programs on air and inserting the commercials where necessary. I did that for a couple of years and then move into doing Videography, and then editing. While working there they bought their for computer graphics system. The guy they hired at the time became ill and had to have his appendix taken out. He was out for two weeks, and they had sold use of that system. So I stepped in and learned the system in a matter of days and that started me doing graphics for television. I have since taken that further learning how to do graphics for print and learning layout for print.

Soon after that the Production Manage at the time asked me what it would take to get into 3d Animation for their graphics and commercial production. I did a lot of research, contacted several vendors, and proposed a 3d Animation system for the station. They liked my proposal and then I started doing 3d Animations.

After a few years I decided that since I was still young that I should take my skills and see what path that would take me. I then hooked up with Visual Designs in Muskegon. While there I worked with SolidWorks for the 3d Modeling and After Effects for the video production and effects for video. The most memorable project I worked on there was an animation of how the Air Ride Suspension System work on semi-trailers.

I then hooked up with Cynthia Kay and Wayne Glatz Video Production, which eventually become CK and Co. I started that company doing computer graphics and animation. While there I broadened my abilities and worked with several of the top companies in the Grand Rapids area. I’ve done animations and graphics for Furniture companies including complete office layouts with furniture. I’ve done animations showing prototypes for focus groups. I’ve done legal presentations and even some analysis of video and audio for legal cases. I saw great potential for doing that more with the business. The owner though wanted to move in a different direction. So I left there.

I did several Freelance Jobs for a while, then started working at Albert Khan Associates as a CAD Coordinator. Albert Kahn is a architectural  firm in Detroit. They had a department for the Visualization Animations of their building. I worked as the liaison between the Visualization and the CAD Designers. That position was short lived as budgets were trimmed back and my position was terminated.

I then began working at Raytheon in Troy, MI. I was contracted to them through Volt Technical Services. This was one of my favorite jobs. A twelve month contract creating graphics and simple image animations using Director and XML programming. The subject matter was all training materials for automotive technical schools. A subject I like very much, cars. I worked on graphics and animation that demonstrate the way the hydraulic valves work on modern day transmissions.

I finished that contract early, and unfortunately had a very serious car accident. I spent nine months in 2009 recovering and rehabbing from my injuries. I started working sales at Sears in their Lawn and Garden area. But the physical demands of that job were too much for me at that time.

I then worked for Disability Advocates of Kent County. They first hired me on to do graphics and layout of their print materials. I saw a need for producing more professional looking videos for their marketing and events. I was back doing the work where I had started.

During that time though both my parents had their health take a turn for the worse. I cared for both of them until they passed this spring. Now I’m looking for that next challenge. I would like to find something that can make use of all the skills I’ve acquired of the years, but I’m interested in any challenge that may come my way.